Vernon Goldsberry

Modern-Era Ranching

Inducted 2022

Vernon O. Goldsberry was born March 14, 1920, the son of James and Susie (Brown) Goldsberry.

During the depression, when Vernon was 15 years old, he went to work for local rancher and horse dealer, Richard Moore. From 1935 to 1938, he rounded up broke wild horses that roamed and grazed freely in the Badlands by the Little Missouri River in North Dakota, and the Yellowstone River in eastern Montana. Vernon then formed a partnership with his brother, Harris, to break out the wild horses.

After a stint in the U.S. Army, Vernon returned to western North Dakota to resume his partnership. They refined their operations, converting to Quarter Horse breeding that was unique to the area, thus establishing the infamous Goldsberry Production Ranch Sale. He established one of the first Quarter Horse breeding programs in the state of North Dakota in 1952.

Vernon was associated with the Big Sky Horse Association, the American Quarter Horse Association, the Mon-Dak Quarter Horse Association, the VFW, American Legion and the Moose Lodge.

Vernon was NDRA Team Tying Champion in 1966.

In 1991, the Great Bend Tribune published a Baxter Black, DVM, “On the Edge of Common Sense” Team Tying article about Vernon at the 1969 Squaw Gap Roping, north of Medora, with his horse, Whittier. The horse threw a mighty fit and Vernon made the ride of the day with a flying dismount. A memorable story tribute to a professional cowboy.

A newspaper article proclaimed, “The most enjoyable experience of meeting Vernon Goldsberry himself is he is one of the most genuine, original cowboy characters that you can possibly imagine. A wit of Will Rogers, the tall, lean cowboy figure of Red Rider, the rough, tough western attitude of John Wayne and the kind, loving, friendly disposition of Jimmy Stewart, all wrapped into one character. A treat to make his acquaintance.”