Skoal’s Centennial

Rodeo Livestock

Inducted 2014

Bareback bronc “Centennial” was purchased by Lynn Linseth in 1989.

The seller, Dave Hermanson said he was a registered Quarter horse with a little buck in him. Chestnut in color with a white blaze down his face and three white socks, Centennial was 14 ½ hands tall, weighed about 1200 pounds and was branded L2. Centennial was NDRA’s Horse of the Year in 1986, 1987 and 1990 and the RRA’s Bareback Horse of the Year in 1969.

In 1997, Centennial was sold at the Mesquite Bucking Stock Rodeo Sale in Texas to Classic Pro Rodeo. Since Skoal’s Tobacco was a major supporter of the PRCA, that handle was added to his name. From the first time out of the gate, Centennial made his mark and cowboys knew if they drew him, a check would follow if the eight second ride was made. One of five animals chosen to go to the NFR in Vegas, he won a round and received a buckle for the Class Pro Rodeo company. He also captured the title, Texas Circuit Bareback Horse of the Year. In 1999 and 2001, he was named Texas Circuit Reserve Champion Bareback Horse at the NFR.

Linseth remembers Centennial as being gentler than a broke saddle horse and a great athlete. Centennial made 90 trips out of the shoot and only four qualified rides were made on him. The Linseths recall a highlight of the NFR when Larry Sandvick out of Killdeer drew Centennial for the championship ride. Linseth said, “what do you know, two local boys make it to the top!” Centennial died in May 2009 and was buried in the front yard at the home of Scotty Lovas, who owns Classic Pro Rodeo. Lovas said that Centennial gave 110% and never gave a bad performance.