Minot Y’s Men’s Rodeo

Special Achievement

Inducted 2003

The 50-year-old Minot Y’s Men’s Rodeo began in 1955 when North Dakota’s first indoor rodeo was held in the new Minot City Auditorium. Since the rodeo’s inception, the Y’s Men have volunteered time, talent and financial resources to provide audiences with a quality show and competitors with an opportunity to further their careers. They accomplished this by using nationally recognized stock contractors, competitors, judges, queens, pick-up men and barrelmen.

The Y’s Men’s Rodeo is unique as nearly all rodeo proceeds finance youth activities at the Minot Family YMCA and Y Camp, where thousands of children have experienced the horsemasters program. Contributions to various projects to date exceed $1 million.

In 1955, when Jerry Boren, Phil Fettig and Willard Schnell suggested a Minot indoor rodeo, the Y’s Men immediately went to work, netting $900 the first year. It was the first North Dakota Rodeo Association Championship Indoor Rodeo and was approved by the Rodeo Cowboys Association (now the PRCA).

Competitors from the Teschers to Hawkeye Henson, Ty Murray and Jesse Bail have competed in the Y’s Men’s Rodeo. Strong national sponsorships, Wrangler bullfights and a Wild West Rodeo for Special Children have been added.

The ProRodeo Hall of Fame honored the Y’s Men’s Rodeo commemorating more than 40 years as an RCA/PRCA-sanctioned event. It promotes western culture, positively impacts Minot’s economy and gives PRCA contestants a chance to add to their winnings.

Most importantly, the rodeo benefits children who enjoy growth in mind, body and spirit under the YMCA’s guidance and principles.