Bob Hansen

Modern-era Rodeo

Inducted 2019

Bob was raised on the family ranch north of Dunn Center, North Dakota. Bob, along with his family, still operates the ranch. Bob enjoyed ranching with his parents, three brothers and three sisters.

Growing up in a ranch family, Bob had early exposure to rodeo. He competed in high school rodeos, and earned a scholarship to Dickinson State College in both football and rodeo. As a key member of both teams, Bob was often asked to compete at a football game on Saturday, then flown to the collegiate rodeo taking place.

After a very successful college career, Bob competed in amateur and professional rodeos. He earned his pro card in 1974. One of his greatest accomplishments was qualifying for the Badlands Circuit Finals every year from its inception in 1975 until 1996, an amazing record. He also qualified in 1998 and 1999.

Bob’s rodeo career includes many championships in NDRA, NPRA, NDHSRA, NIRA, USTRC, and WTRC. The cowboys he competed against will tell you, “Bob Hansen was probably the toughest guy to compete against? that they knew. He rode the best horses, and had a determined will to be the best, a combination that made him a champion.

Bob married Rose Murphy in 1975. The couple have two children, Alfred and Tess.

Bob’s knowledge of horses, coupled with outstanding horsemanship, led to a career of training horses. He became known, not only in North Dakota, but across the nation as a trainer of top quality ranch and rodeo horses. Two of the heading horses he trained were used for several years at the WNFR in Vegas, and one, Dew, ridden by Clay Tryan, was the heading horse of the year.

Bob Hansen continues to ranch and rodeo with his family. They run yearlings and have a cow/calf operation.