44 Magnum

Rodeo Livestock

Inducted 2020

44 Magnum was born in 1991, on a ranch 7 miles northeast of Bottineau, ND. Her owners are breeders Steve and Barb Waagen.

In 1994, at 3 years of age and 16.2 hands high, this 1500 lb. blue roan mare bucked for her first time at a Roughrider Rodeo in Stump Lake, ND. She bucked off Kutter Moore the first day, and Shadd Piehl earned 79 points on her the next day, setting in motion 44 Magnum’s career as an outstanding Saddle Bronc horse.

Jeremy Crane won a rodeo on her with 76 points and, in 1998, 44 Magnum sent Red Lemmel to the pay window at the Y’s Men’s Rodeo with an 82 point ride. After this, Harry Vold offered to buy the horse numerous times for his rodeo company, but the Waagens chose to keep 44 Magnum to raise more bucking horses, with offspring still proving themselves in rodeo arenas around North Dakota today. Ten descendants of 44 Magnum are alive today, most of which remain on the ranch in Bottineau or Granville. One was sold to Pete Carr.

44 Magnum has been voted Saddle Bronc of the Year eight times in the Roughrider Rodeo Association, and one time in the North Dakota Rodeo Association. A lot of money has been won on 44 Magnum if the cowboy made his ride. She also left quite a few in the arena dirt.

In 2008, after an outstanding 15 year career, 44 Magnum bucked at the Roughrider Rodeo Association finals for the last time. In retirement, 44 Magnum raised colts, having well-earned the right to live out the rest of her life grazing and roaming as she pleased.